Advantages and Disadvantages

The fact that chemical products are very useful cannot be denied. At home, school, workplace, farm, and everywhere, various chemical products are being used. This includes household cleaning agents such as powders or detergents, bleach, disinfectant cleaner, glass cleaner and others. All of these products are used in cleaning to clean off the dirt and dust. Though chemical products have many advantages, it is also good to know its disadvantages. In this way, you can know why such products should be avoided or use minimal amount.

There are many different chemical products such as cleaning agents, insecticides, pesticides, artificial fertilizers or herbicides, and so on. Let’s start with the advantages and disadvantages of cleaning agents. For its advantages, of course it helps clean every area of the house. Dirt and dust will not be visible when cleaning agents are used. But, it also has disadvantages. Because of its chemical content, it can irritate the skin. What about insecticides? It is true that it can eliminate various insects like mosquitoes, cockroaches, and flies.

But, the use of this chemical product can also irritate the skin and when inhaled, it can damage some body organs. It is the same with pesticides and herbicides that are being used by farmers. It is very important to wear a face mask when spraying pesticides to the crops. If these chemicals are applied incorrectly, it can damage the health. Though chemical products make a user satisfied with its advantages, no one should neglect many of its disadvantages.